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A Great Primer on Fairtrade Coffee

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We at Transcend have been saying for a long time that Fairtrade is simply not fair enough. Or put another way, there are better ways to combat poverty levels within coffee producing countries. This short video clearly articulates one of the major flaws in the fairtrade model and offers an alternative solution, which we heartily endorse as well.

Professor Colleen Haight communicates our perspective on this contentious issue very effectively, and we commend this three minute video, as a way to start thinking critically about your coffee buying habits, and even your consumer habits generally. If you want to learn more, check out Prof Haight's website, and give her paper published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review a read.

Please take a few minutes to watch, and then fire back your comments and questions. It would be great to have a robust conversation around this issue.

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Reconnecting with Partner Producers

Ricardo Perez and his daughter Mariana at the Helsar de Zarcero micro mill. This past March, I went to Central America to visit our producing partners in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Transcend has been buying coffee from these countries for the last six years and we go every year to view the farms, [...]

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How to Make Camp (or Travel) Coffee Like a Pro

Are you planning to pack up the tent and escape into the wilderness this summer? Or maybe you'll be exploring a new city via an airplane and a hotel room? Today we’ll show you how you can make great coffee when amenities and packing space are limited. The photo above shows a few things that might [...]

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A Cocktail for Canada Day

Last week we told you how to make great cold brewed coffee and tea. To follow up, we thought we would incorporate the cold brew recipe and mix it, literally, in honour of Canada Day with some spirit.We are not sure what to call this, perhaps "Canadian Pride” but it is a simple cocktail recipe, [...]

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New Transcend Location at Mother's Market Now Open - Get a Free Coffee This Weekend

Mother's Market is a brand new, year-round, 3-day-a-week farmer's market located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Come on down and visit us this weekend and, when you buy a bag of beans to take home, we'll hook you up with a free regular brewed coffee or cold-brew coffee! Location, hours and details below. Mothers [...]

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CBC's Edmonton AM Coffee Tasting

CBC's Edmonton AM newly minted coffee columnist Poul Mark leads a coffee tasting with host Mark Connolly and guests at the Transcend Garneau location on Monday June 23rd. Listen to the episode here, and stay tuned to CBC Edmonton AM for upcoming monthly features on coffee.CBC Edmonton AM Coffee Column Tasting

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How to Make Cold-Brew Coffee at Home

Cold brew coffee is delicious and refreshing. It's becoming quite a hit at our cafes. The pic to the right shows how we've rigged it up in a keg system at our cafes. There's no need to get that fancy at home of course, so here's what you need to enjoy cold brew in your [...]

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How to Make Cold-Brewed Ice Tea at Home

The little 'InfoToon' above — I think I invented that word, and yes I'm copywriting it :) — has all the steps, but just in case they are repeated below.Empty a 20g pack of Jagasilk tea into a 500mL mason jar or other lidded container. Fill with 450mL of cold water.Lid and refrigerate overnight (10-15 hours) Pour through a strainer [...]

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Rethinking Coffee Freshness

In the early days of Transcend’s history (it has been eight years now!) we packaged all of our fresh roasted beans in craft paper bags. We did this because we wanted to convey to our customers a novel concept: That coffee should not be considered a “shelf stable” product, but rather one more akin to [...]

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Two new Guatemalan coffees

San AgustinThis week we have two brand new coffees from Guatemala to share with you. The first is San Agustin. Josh met the farmer, Ricardo Zelaya, during his sourcing trip this spring. This coffee has wonderful notes of almond, chocolate and toffee with a crisp peach-like acidity and a full smooth body.ORDER NOW Finca ManilaThe second [...]

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