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Check out the City of Edmonton Video about the Ritchie Market and Infill

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Poul's Corner: Canada's 150th

You might not know this about my background, but I used to be a lawyer - I actually went to law school and practiced as a lawyer and my field of practice was actually aboriginal law. I’ve been thinking these last couple of days as we’re coming up onto Canada Day and preparing to celebrate [...]

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Poul's Corner: June 16, 2017

So I saw on Twitter yesterday, posted by the World Coffee Research that was talking about one of the major crisis facing global coffee production by 2050 it’s expected that our coffee production will need to double but by that same time, the land available to farm would be reduced by half. So obviously there’s [...]

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Seasoning our New PROBAT Roaster.

We put up a new video on our YouTube Channel. In this one, Kate Sortland, our Lead Roaster, talks about how we seasoned our new Probat Roaster to get it ready for Production.

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Top 10 Coffee Blogger

In all the excitement of moving into Ritchie over the last month, we forgot to mention that Thoroughly Reviewed listed Transcend as one of ten top coffee Bloggers. We are surprised and humbled by the recognition and love the company we have in that list. Thanks to Thoroughly Reviewed for thinking of us!You can find out more about the [...]

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A Thank-you from Poul

It’s hard to believe that two weeks has gone by since Transcend Ritchie opened. Three years ago, when Greg and I started talking about this idea, we were pretty sure that the Ritchie community was a good pick. But the love and support we’ve seen on Social Media, in the press, and from you personally [...]

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Sustaining the Coffee Industry - A Video

Transcend Coffee has a special and close relationship with the farmers who grow our beans. In this video, Poul Mark, Transcend's founder and CEO, talks about his background and how Transcend's relationship with the farmers is crucial for changing the coffee industry from being built on a poverty model, to one that is sustainable.

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Ritchie: History of A Community

As Transcend moves its original location, and the Roastery, to the northeast corner of 76th Ave and 96th Street, we thought we'd take a closer look at the community known as Ritchie. Two and a half years ago Poul Mark, our founder, did not hesitate to being involved with the Ritchie Market. The Ritchie Community is a [...]

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Transcend Mercer location to close end of February

Transcend Coffee announces the closing of its Mercer location effective Feb 27, 2017 In the fall of 2014, Transcend Coffee partnered with Kelly Pope (developer and owner of the Mercer Building) open a cafe in the basement of the Mercer Building. Both parties understood that the location was a risky venture given its more remote downtown [...]

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The Ritchie Market

The Ritchie Market (a new building located at 9570 76 Ave) has been a work in progress now for 2.5 years. Greg Zeschuk (co-founder of Bioware) has built an innovative building which will house Transcend Coffee's roastery, and cafe, the Acme Meat Market, Creekside Cyclery, and his own world class brewery and restaurant. Our founder Poul Mark, [...]

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