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Going the Distance
to Find Great Coffee

By regularly traveling to coffee-growing countries, we can offer you some of the very best coffees in the world.

Relationships Matter

Transcend’s business model is built on real relationships with the people who grow, harvest, process, source and ship green coffee.

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Willing to Commit

We’ve partnered with some farmers for four years or longer. We consider them friends, not just suppliers.


Meticulously Roasted

Roasting in small batches and paying attention to every detail gently coaxes the complex flavours out of the beans and into your cup. More on how we roast. 


Vintage Iron

Our 1950’s Probat roaster was retrofitted specifically for Transcend. The old cast iron is more thermally stable, and that means tastier coffee for you to enjoy.


Impeccable Standards

We cup — professionally evaluate — every single roast to be certain that you’re getting only the highest quality coffee, every time.

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Certified Expertise

Transcend’s founder, Poul Mark, is a licensed Q Grader, The Coffee Quality Institute's professional accreditation for evaluating green and roasted coffee. More on quality standards.

Made in Alberta

Transcend ships orders across the country every day, but we were born and raised on the Alberta prairies. We’re proud to live and work in Edmonton and we partner with and support local businesses as much as possible.


Fast, Free Shipping

All orders are expertly packed and usually ship same-day or next-day. Shipping is always free for orders over $48 going to Canadian addresses.


message.png First-Class Service 

If you have a special request, just ask! Our shipping manager Bonnie is always happy to help.

Happy Customers

It must be something in the coffee.

Amazing, rare, complex coffee is being roasted for you today.