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The Seekers

Create. think. do. share. question. explore. ask why.

The Seekers see things differently, they pursue, learn, and constantly change. For all of us, we find the small moments to pause from our daily life and reflect, It’s in these moments where time allows us the space to enjoy each other’s company or to find a place to appreciate the finer things, or to create. And leave a little bit changed.

Transcend every day.

Christine Sandford

Christine Sandford,
Transcendent Culinary Artist

Christine Sandford has spent the last few years travelling through Europe, working in France, Denmark, Belgium and Italy to fine-tune her culinary skills. “Travelling, that’s really my passion. Whenever I have a second to go anywhere and experience another culture, that’s probably where you’d find me.”

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Corey Meyer

Corey Meyer,
Transcendent Meat Lover

Corey Meyer, has kept up the tradition of providing the people of Edmonton with quality meat products for over 30 years. “I grew up around the industry, the meat industry. That’s part of the reason I ended up in it,” Corey says.“Every day was a thing, every Saturday was steak night, Sunday was roast… Not too many vegetarian meals at our house growing up!”

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Greg Zeschuk

Greg Zeschuk,
transcendent entrepreneur

Greg Zeschuk is no stranger to leveling up. Trained as a medical doctor, he co-founded, Edmonton-based video gaming company BioWare and has helped create some of the most successful video games on the market today. Now retired from the gaming world, Greg keeps busy mentoring local startups and pursuing his true passion… beer.

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Jennifer Cockrall-King

Jennifer Cockrall-King,
transcendent Edmontonian

Independent food culture writer, speaker and author Jennifer Cockrall-King will tell you, there’s a story behind everything … especially food. “There’s way more interesting stuff beyond what happens when you eat or drink something, the real stories are of the farmer, the vintner, or fisherman and what they had to overcome to create that food – what they’ve had to transcend,” she says.

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Todd Safronovich

Todd Safronovich,
transcendent glassblower

For over 20 years, artisan glassblower Todd Safronovich still finds a way every day to take glass to a new level. “What I love about the creative process, is really the problem solving,” Todd said. Whether it’s incorporating materials into the glass, or trying to achieve a certain colour application, or simply working with other artist and their mediums, Todd welcomes the challenge to reach beyond his comfort zone.

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Gift Boxes

Transcend Gift Boxes

Looking for a gift for the coffee-lover in your life? Our Transcend Gift Boxes will surely impress!