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Ricardo Perez Barrantes

Santa Lucia, Costa Rica

Vision & integrity

In the lush mountains of Costa Rica, Ricardo Perez and his daughter Mariana work tirelessly on the family farm in an effort to produce the finest quality of coffee. Together, they’re constantly trying to find ways to improve the flavour of their coffee.

Ricardo has truly dedicated his life to coffee. Not only is he a world class grower, he’s built one of the finest micro-mills in Costa Rica, and now operates the first Cascara production plant in the world. To boot, he’s probably one of the most genuinely kind people in Costa Rica.

The art of growing and milling coffee takes an exceptional level of dedication and fortitude. Both his farm and his mill are models of clean production and the quality of Ricardo’s coffee is a reflection of his forward-thinking attitude. He restricts the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers; he recycles the water used in processing; and he keeps finding new ways to reduce the waste that gets created.

For over 15 years, Santa Lucia has followed organic production and weathered many economic storms. No matter what the challenge, Ricardo will do whatever it takes to transcend, to reach the next level and produce the best coffee possible.

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