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Sustainability and the world of coffee.

When corporations talk about sustainability it is often narrowly focused on the environment, or alternatively their own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies. At Transcend, we aren’t talking about either of those things. Don’t misunderstand, we do believe that environmental stewardship is very important, but in our world, the global world of coffee, sustainability must take on a much more expansive scope.

Since our founder began to visit “origin” (the word we ascribe to the places coffee grows) he recognized that for coffee to be sustainable, it needed to offer first and foremost financial sustainability to those who grow coffee. In the last eight years, this reality has never been more on point. The issues most pressing at coffee origin are labour shortages and the effects of climate change. With that said, both of these important issues have at their heart, a lack of financial resource, which places most producers in serious jeopardy of continuing their way of life.

Until coffee companies in North America and Europe begin to recognize and take responsibility for these issues in the way of higher prices paid to producers for their coffee, producers run the risk of being forced out of coffee, and turning to a more “sustainable” crop or means to earn an income.

Transcend Coffee is firmly rooted in a business model which ensures financial sustainability first, so that the environmental and social issues can be meaningfully addressed by those best equipped to deal with them, namely the producers themselves.


Transcend Coffee + Rock Ridge Dairy

Rockridge Dairy

Transcend Coffee is proud to be in partnership with Rock Ridge Dairy as we work together to provide our cafe customers with amazing milk. We have wanted a local dairy source for a long time, and are thrilled that it is now finally a reality. The Bos family run dairy is an exemplary model of a thriving “made in Alberta” venture which from our vantage point is truly sustainable. Not only do they provide Transcend with the highest quality milk, but they do it in our back yard, which means more resources stay in the local economy, and less resources are consumed in transporting the product to our stores.

Patrick and Cherylynn Bos won the 2015 Outstanding Young Farmer's Award in Alberta. This video was presented to the judges. 

For more information about the Bos family and Rock Ridge Dairy, please visit their website.

Gift Boxes

Transcend Gift Boxes

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