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Coffee Subscriptions

How does the recurring monthly subscription work?

When you purchase a recurring monthly coffee subscription, be sure to select ‘Visa Mastercard or American Express’ under the ‘how would you like to pay’ question during checkout. If you select PayPal, we will not be able to set up automatic payments.

Your first payment happens the day you purchase your subscription. Subsequent payments are scheduled for the first day of the month, starting on the second month of your subscription (because your original purchase covers your first month).

How do I cancel a recurring subscription?

Simply notify us by email when you would like to stop receiving delicious coffee and we will make it so. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible to manage your subscription.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely. When you sign up for a recurring subscription via the pay be credit card option, the process is handled by our payment gateway, Beanstream, using the latest industry-standard 128-bit encryption. You’re credit card information is 100% secure. We are then able to set up recurring billing, but your card information remains hidden from us.

When does my subscription start?

By default, if you’ve purchased a subscription with one shipment per month, your subscription will start on the next closest scheduled subscription shipment date. For example, the Transcend Coffee Subscription ships the second Wednesday of the month. If you purchase on the second Monday of the month, your first shipment will happen two days later. If you purchase on the second Friday of the month, the first shipment will happen the following month.

If you purchase a subscription that has two shipments a month (like the Espresso Subscription or Roaster’s Choice Subscription) your subscription will start on the next full month of shipments. For example, The Espresso Subscription ships the first and third Wednesday of the month. If you purchase your subscription during the second week of the month, your first shipment will not be on the third week of that month, but rather begin on the first Wednesday of the following month. The reason for this is the way recurring billing works - we cannot charge for a partial month.

If you have purchased a subscription but you do not want your shipments to start as soon as possible, contact us and let us know which month you would like your subscription to start.

I’m going on vacation. Can I put my subscription on hold while I’m away?

Of course! Just shoot us a quick email telling us when you’ll be away and we’ll hold your coffee while you’re away and your coffee subscription will resume once you’re back. Subscribers on monthly billing will not be billed for the time they are away, while subscribers on pre-paid plans will have their subscription extended by the number of shipments that were missed.

Your subscriptions are the best. Can I give them as gifts to nearly everyone I know?

You bet! Pre-paid subscriptions are the easiest to give as gifts, simply put your friend’s address under shipping address, while keeping your address and contact information under billing details and your friend is in for a delicious, monthly treat! You’re about to be very popular.