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  • Wote Konga Espresso - Ethiopia
  • Wote Konga Espresso - Ethiopia

Wote Konga Espresso - Ethiopia



Product Description

Wote Konga Espresso - Ethiopia

Papaya | Orange | Black Tea

Recommended Starting Parameters: Input: 19.6g in | 35 seconds | 40g out 

*note above parameters were created using an 18g VST basket on an espresso machine set to 8.5 bars of pressure

Whole bean roasted coffee. Choose bag size above. 

Coffee Info

  • Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Process: Washed with 18-hour fermentation, dried on raised beds for 10 days
  • Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Elevation: 1800-2200 meters above sea level

This coffee is from the Konga Washing Station in the Kebele of Wote, which is in the Yirgacheffe district of Southern Ethiopia. The owner of the mill, Mr. Mergya, employs roughly one hundred workers who process approximately three containers of coffee per year.

Approximately 800 farmers contribute to this washing station, growing coffee at an altitude of 1,800-2,200 meters above sea-level. Once delivered to the mill, workers meticulously hand sort the cherries before wet processing. Once processed, the coffee is sun-dried on raised beds that are typical in Ethiopia. Once dried to around 13% moisture, the coffee is moved to a warehouse where it dries slowly to 11-12%, which helps to explain why these coffees taste so great even after several months!



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Product Reviews

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  1. A lighter side of citrus life. Review Rating

    Posted by Kent Vidal on 26th Jun 2018

    Pleasant and delicate, brewed on my Aeropress. Not overly acidic like some more berry-forward Africans, but still sweet and fruity. A light-medium mouthfeel, quite well rounded.

  2. Unbelievable! Review Rating

    Posted by BSS on 15th Mar 2018

    Notes of old rubber tires, and cuban cigars. Hints of coriander, nutmeg, and floral wafts of bougainvillea.
    This one will stay with you long after your cup has cooled and emptied. Takes me back to the old country.
    Highly recommended.

  3. Amazing. Review Rating

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2018

    Well rounded and delicious !!!

  4. Fantastic Review Rating

    Posted by RVC on 25th Nov 2016

    This coffee is delicious. The fruit notes are subtle enough to balance the flavors perfectly. Will definitely be ordering this again.

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