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  • Santa Rosa Petite - Costa Rica
  • Santa Rosa Petite - Costa Rica

Santa Rosa Petite - Costa Rica



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Find this coffee and more at https://www.transcendcoffee.ca/

  • Santa Rosa Petite
    Santa Rosa Petite
    Find this coffee and more at https://www.transcendcoffee.ca/

Product Description

Santa Rosa Petite Bean - Costa Rica


Dried Fruit | Brown Sugar | Juicy


Coffee Info

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Region: Leon Cortez, Tarrazu
  • Producer: Luis Alberto Monge
  • Elevation: 2,000 meters above sea level
  • Processing: Honey processed and dried on African beds 



Josh Hockin competing with Santa Rosa Petite in Vienna at the 2012 World Barista Competition.

Our relationship with producer Luis Alberto Monge of the Santa Rosa Farm began in the winter of 2011. Poul Mark, Transcend's Founder, and Josh Hockin, our Director of Coffee, first traveled to Costa Rica to visit producers and purchase coffee back in 2012. They also set out to source a coffee for Josh to compete with as Canada's Barista Champion at World Barista Competition. What they found was a rare coffee with incredible sweetness and complexity, Santa Rosa. 

Our exporting partner in Costa Rica is Exclusive Coffee. It was Exclusive that introduced Josh and Poul to Mauricio Montero of Santa Rosa, a small farm way up (2,000 meters above sea level) in the mountains in Tarrazu. It's just Mauricio and his assistant who run that farm, and they've been farming for 10 years. Over those 10 years, as a result of changing growing climates, Mauricio began planting his crops at higher elevations each passing year. 

After the 2011-2012 harvest, the cherries from the Santa Rosa farm were sent to Luis Alberto Monge at the La Lia Micro mill for processing. Once the coffee had been milled and sorted, Luis was very surprised to find that very little of the coffee had made it through the sorting process. 

When Luis investigated the low yield, he found that most of beans were very small, and had fallen through the screens during sorting. Why? Not because of inferior quality, but rather because of both the elevation of the Santa Rosa farm and the age of the trees.They were able to separate out the petite beans and we had the great fortune of being in Costa Rica at the right time to get to taste this amazing coffee. We are excited to showcase this unique and special coffee for the fifth year in a row!


Green Coffee drying on raised beds


Green Coffee drying on raised beds


Fermentation Tanks


Green Coffee drying


Product Reviews

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  1. Luxurious Aroma and Flavour Review Rating

    Posted by Ben Kluver on 2nd Feb 2019

    This is right up there with the best coffee I have ever had. I generally prefer dark roasts, but I like beans from the Costa Rican regions. I decided to try this variety despite the lighter roast. The coffee is a tad more acidic than I like, but this complements the sweet flavours. Highly recommend this roast.

  2. Best coffee, wait for it every year Review Rating

    Posted by Rob on 25th Nov 2016

    This coffee is superb. I can't wait until the season they release it. It has such great flavours and even though it's $25 a bag it's well worth it, considering its short term it's worth enjoying until it's out of season. An everyday cup indeed. It really does stand out.

  3. An excellent everyday cup Review Rating

    Posted by Northern coffee lover on 3rd Jan 2016

    While one can argue about the merits of how much an everyday cup should run you, one could also argue that $25.00 for 12 oz. is not bad if you believe that life is too short for bad or indifferent coffee. This coffee smells like chocolate when ground and is naturally sweet tasting in the cup. At times one tastes berry sweet and later more of a light cocoa sweet in the mouth. The aftertaste is pleasant and lingers just long enough. Great to purchase coffee locally, especially considering the state of the loonie for souring from the USA.

  4. Santa Rosa Top Bean Review Rating

    Posted by Gerald Skowronski on 29th Nov 2012

    I recently purchased Santa Rosa Tiny Beans and was pleased with the superb flavour. I have been drinking for many years the best coffees from around the world and was hoping the Santa Rosa would meet my expectations. It surpassed my tastes.
    Spending $35 for 12 ounces of coffee may seem a bit much but not if you want to drink an elite cup.
    I have drank the elite Gesha in various levels from Panama, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kona - which has suffered in recent years- and even dabbled with Luwak from Indonesia. Santa Rosa ranks right up there with the best.
    It is my every day coffee, as are the others. It is nice to have a local business providing us with the opportunity to purchase great coffee at reasonable prices.

  5. Not for every day Review Rating

    Posted by Simon on 27th Nov 2012

    I was a bit nervous about buying this coffee. $35 is a fair chunk of change for any coffee and especially when you don't have a chance to try it first. But I took the plunge and was glad that I did. The coffee was so sweet and complex. While I wouldn't shell out this much cash for an everyday coffee, I am glad that I gave this a try. It brewed up delicious on my Technivorm brewer.

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