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  • Santa Petrona Bourbon - green, unroasted coffee

Santa Petrona Bourbon - green, unroasted coffee



Product Description

Santa Petrona - green, unroasted coffee

Pecan | Butterscotch | Spice

Please note: this product is green, unroasted coffee. You will need to roast this coffee yourself. 

Coffee Info

  • Coffee Name: Santa Petrona 
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: Santa Ana
  • Farmers: Lily Bolanos & Federico Pacas
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1,450 meters above sea level

Santa Petrona is located in the Santa Ana Volcano slopes from 1350 to 1480 meters above sea level. The total coffee area is 17.67 hectares planted with 80% Bourbon, 15% Pacas and 5 % Pacamara. It is 100% shade grown. Even though the elevation is a little bit lower, the shade and the microclimate in the volcano allow for slow cherry ripening. Federico Pacas and Lily Bolanos are the fifth generation of this coffee producing family. This farm was founded by the Pacas-Diaz family in 1927. They have 7 coffee producing farms and a mill where they process their harvests.Harvest season start in late December and ends early April. The Bourbon we have bought is fully washed and slowly dried on African beds for about 10 days before being prepared for export at the Tuxpal dry mill. Quality control doesn’t start at harvest however; each variety is selected for each farm based on microclimate. They carefully pick the cherries at the maximum ripeness, dedicating a lot of time to train the pickers.

They employ about 300 workers per year, hiring 100 more workers during harvest. Santa Petrona provides benefits to all their workers, pay higher salaries and collaborate with local communities.

Why is Federico a coffee farmer? What motivates him to produce the quality of coffee that he does?

“I have been working with coffee for the last 15 years, not only as a farmer, I have been in every step of the coffee industry. It is a passion not a work, especially with the quality coffees, it is a more interesting bizz because you get to know who is consuming the coffee that you have dedicate all your efforts, hard work, etc…, and that is very rewarding.”


The slopes of the Santa Petrona farm.  



Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Review Rating

    Posted by Philippe Goudreau on 28th Dec 2018

    This is not your typical north american coffee. It is very tasteful yet surpisingly light and mellowy. It does have earth, leather tastes jn it as well.

    I will purchase again. I rost for 25 seconds after the second cracks.

  2. A Great Cup of Bourbon Review Rating

    Posted by bill waitt on 31st Oct 2013

    Even to our 3 amateur palates, the coffee had distinct citrus notes while being full body and round in the mouth, quite unlike the lighter feel some of the more fruit forward coffees might have. There's something of the chocolate like flavor as well, and quite complex, I think. Definitely recommended.

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