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  • Karumandi - green, unroasted coffee

Karumandi - Kenya - green, un-roasted coffee



Product Description

Karumandi - Green, un-roasted coffee


Raspberry | Chocolate | Creamy

Please note: this product is green, un-roasted coffee. You will need to roast this coffee yourself. Choose bag size above.

Coffee Info 

  • Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya
  • Farmers: Farmers from the Karumandi Station
  • Process: Double Washed
  • Variety: SL34. SL28
  • Altitude: 1700-1800 meters above sea level

Karumandi is kikuyu for mole, and the mountainous area surrounding this large washing station is full of them. This is why the Baragwi FCS chose this name. Located in north-central Kirinyaga county, the Karumandi station is known for its use of recycled river water for processing its double washed coffees.

What is a double-washed coffee, you ask?

After the farmers deliver their freshly harvested coffee cherries to the washing station, they are weighed, sorted and then put into large tanks while they wait for the end of the day’s collection. Working overnight, the staff at Karumandi de-pulp the cherries, leaving only the seeds encased in parchment and a layer of sticky mucilage. This mixture is left in a large tank while microbial and enzymatic processes break down the mucilage. Once sufficiently degraded, the mucilage is removed by filling the tank with water, then sending the coffee/water mixture down through channels where workers rake the coffee to agitate the mucilage. This step has the added benefit of separating the coffee by density. The floating coffee is separated because of its poor quality. The high density coffee is sent to another tank that is filled with water and left to soak for 12-24 hours. This “second wash” helps remove any further mucilage that may have been caught in cracks in the parchment. Double washed coffee tends to have cleaner, brighter flavours and will often have a longer shelf life.


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