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  • Buena Vista- green, unroasted coffee

Buena Vista- green, un-roasted coffee



Product Description

Buena Vista- green, un-roasted coffee

Walnut | Grape | Smooth

Please note: this product is green, unroasted coffee. You will need to roast this coffee yourself.  

Coffee Info

  • Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
  • Farmer: Luis Pedro Zelaya
  • Variety: Bourbon and Caturra
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1700 meters above sea level

Buena Vista is a farm that’s owned and managed by Luis Pedro Zelaya, located on several rolling hills just north of the city of Antigua. Named for the good view of the area surrounding it, it is composed of Bourbon, Caturra, Villa Sarchi (and a bit of Gesha). Touring through its dusty soils, Luis told me that this farm has a different soil type than other farms he owns. Specifically, the soil here drains quickly, so the coffee cherries are smaller and don’t develop as much mucilage. He says he can tell when Buena Vista cherries are deposited at his mill because the tone they make as they fall past and bang onto the grates is higher due to the drier, smaller cherries. The quicker drainage means that Buena Vista suffers when the climate is dry.

We chose this coffee because of its excellent nutty profile, which was balanced by just a nice hint of grape.








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  1. Great Guat Review Rating

    Posted by Brent on 18th Sep 2017

    I have to start out by admitting I have a soft spot for good Guatemalan coffees. Generally, I find that Antiguas don't have flavors or aromas that jump out at you like some coffees do. The fancy floral, citrus attributes of a Yirgacheffe, or the fruit flavors of an Ethiopian natural for example. (Though the Hueheutenango region of Guatemala produces some fruity coffees.) None the less, they are wonderful sipping coffees.
    I often hear Guats referred to as comfort cups and I totally agree. The chocolate, cocoa, butterscotch or toffee flavors, along with mild spice and nut that good Guatemalan Antiguas exhibit just hit the spot

    I roasted this bean to a city level (light) and city plus (med light) in a small drum roaster with a perforated drum. While the coffee tasted great at both levels, I preferred the city roast as the flavors "popped" a bit more.
    After about 48 hrs rest, I made a pour over that resulted in a cup that I would definitely call comforting and enjoyable to sip and savor. I would also say it is a nicely balanced coffee. No one flavor really leaps out at you. Just a lovely, balance of the flavors mentioned in the description. I'm looking forward to roasting some of the other Guatemalans Transcend has in stock

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