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AeroPress Brewer



Product Description

AeroPress Brewer

A quick, inexpensive and tasty way to brew your coffee.


One of the most important things to know about the Aeropress is who invented it. Usually we don't care too much about such things, but well, this is a coffee brewer made by a frisbee company. Alan Adler, president of Aerobie Inc. put several years of applied research into the aeropress. Adler has about forty U.S. patents and an equal number of foreign patents. He is also a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Stanford University.

Now that you know where the coffee maker comes from, you should also know this. It's simplicity and affordability has spawned a cult-like following by coffee geeks around the world. Because hand-applied pressure is involved (as well as dose, grind, dwell time and agitation) there is an incredible diversity of brewing methods that have been developed. There is even a world Aeropress championship held every year.

The Aeropress brewing system includes:

  • Aeropress plunger
  • Funnel for coffee grounds
  • Coffee scoop
  • Coffee stirrer
  • A year's supply of micro-filters

Product Reviews

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  1. Aero-impressed! Review Rating

    Posted by Josh Becker on 7th Oct 2017

    Fantastic coffee brewer. As advertised, makes a brew with significantly less acid than any other coffee I've ever had. I highly recommend this thing!

  2. So good we need two! Review Rating

    Posted by Reetz on 27th Jul 2017

    Yea so this our second one, not cause one broke, because we need one at home (I work from home) and my hubby needs one at work. Easy, efficient, delightful coffee!

  3. YUMMY Review Rating

    Posted by Curt on 23rd Oct 2015

    This is a versatile brewing device that gives you easy control over the temperature and time variables while letting you play with a wide range of grind settings. The AeroPress makes a perfect, clean cup of coffee every time!

  4. Great coffee Review Rating

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Sep 2015

    Easy to use and great tasting coffee

  5. Love this little baby! Review Rating

    Posted by Robert Dean on 10th May 2014

    I've had this for two years. Aside from an espresso machine, this is the only other coffee maker I own. And it makes an outstanding cup. I love to take it camping, best camping coffee in history, but mostly I use it at home!
    I stray from the directions a bit by using water just below boiling and I let it steep for a few minutes rather than 30 seconds.

  6. Compact, Affordable, Makes Great Coffee Review Rating

    Posted by John on 23rd Jan 2014

    I'm very impressed that a coffee maker with such a small footprint makes such great coffee. It doesn't create a lot of waste and is very portable. With this great little coffee maker I make my coffee, the strength I want, the temperature I want when I want. I guess I'm a fan.

  7. Great coffee, but inconsistent brewing. Review Rating

    Posted by Snowflake on 26th Apr 2013

    I've varied my grind from "filter" to "espresso" and I still find that I lose about half of my water through the filter into my cup before I get the plunger into the tube. Pressing then gives a good feel until the plunger gets down to about the "3", at which point i'm just pushing air. It looks like the openings on the side of the black cap are above the filter, and letting most of the flow through. I'm not convinced a lot is going through the filter paper itself.

    Still: It makes better coffee than any coffemaker i've used. On par with my Clever Dripper, but a lot less work.

    I'm going to try the inverted method, in hopes of increasing the contact time with the water and preventing too much blowthrough.

  8. Aeropress. Review Rating

    Posted by Del. on 31st Dec 2012

    One of the best one cup systems we have used. Produces an extremely great cup of coffee. We have been using one for about three years. We did have to replace our first one after about 800 cups of coffee though as the cylinder tends to break down in the inside. Wouldn't be without one though.

  9. aeropress Review Rating

    Posted by Keith on 7th Dec 2012

    I recently acquired the Aeropress and have been very pleased with the results.I get consistently full flavoured coffee ,especially considering it is a single serving.It is important to get your water temperature correct, 175 F.

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