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Jordon & Kristen Jeschke

The art & science of loving what you do.

When, Jordon and Kristen Jeschke travelled to Winnipeg to judge a barista competition in 2014, they didn’t realize it would be the first step in taking the art of coffee to an all-new level.

“When we were there, we met a couple of people from Transcend in Edmonton and after talking to them awhile, we asked if there were opportunities there for us,” says Kristen. The next month, both were hired at Transcend. Kristen has since become Transcend’s head trainer, and Jordon a trainer and equipment technician. “It was an awesome situation for both of us,” Jordon says.

Both Kristen and Jordon agree, that when you visit Transcend, you will leave better off than when you came in. “It sounds cheesy but it’s true,” Kristen says. “That’s something we teach. We don’t want to be just about selling product – we want every experience to be something special. Our goal is to gradually build strong relationships with our customers.”

And that change comes from a process that is as much an art as it is science. “Josh and Poul have done a lot of work in the past 10 years making sure the coffee we get in is great,” Jordon says. Jordon illustrates just how tricky making a great cup of coffee can be, “It’s the seed of a fruit that you roast and then grind into a bunch of pieces and add water and somehow it tastes really great”

“Kate, our roaster, she’ll take a coffee, very scientifically graph it and make sure she knows what’s going on when she roasts it,” Kristen continues. “Then she’ll taste it and tweak it. We have to do the same thing. We start with a baseline and then we have to taste it and evaluate it, testing different parameters make sure it’s tasting the best it can,“ she says.

Jordon, who plays funk and jazz bass guitar, points out “making coffee is a lot like making music. You have all these rules, but once you learn the right way to do things, you can then go ahead and break some rules, and feel your way to place that’s beyond the expected and you end up making something really amazing.“

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