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Greg Zeschuk

transcendent entrepreneur

Greg Zeschuk is no stranger to leveling up. Trained as a medical doctor, he co-founded, Edmonton-based video gaming company BioWare and has helped create some of the most successful video games on the market today. Now retired from the gaming world, Greg keeps busy mentoring local startups and pursuing his true passion…beer.

Along with hosting The Beer Diaries web series, Greg writes about beer for AskMen.com, is the executive director of the Alberta Small Brewers Association, and is currently building his own brewery and brewpub. “I see it as an exciting way to exercise some creative muscles. I want people to love it as much as I do,” Greg says.

The name of his newest venture, the Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company, accurately reflects Greg’s adventurous nature. “There is creativity in Beer. It’s more than just throwing random fruit into beer. I see every dimension of beer as a vehicle for creativity, from the packaging and the marketing and even the whole beer culture itself,“ he says.

And as with most things Greg does, he’s taking some bold steps starting his brewery by barrel-aging his beer. “Most beer people will tell us we’re crazy brewing a sour beer right away. They’ll tell us you have to make this really simple beer and then 10 years down the road you can do a sour beer. But we’re saying, ‘Nah, we’re going bitter right from the start,’” he says.

For Greg, transcending is all about not being afraid to take chances and trying different things. “If you follow the crowd, you’re not going to stand out,” he says. For me, it’s watching what everyone is doing and then saying ‘forget that.’ If you see the masses going right, you owe it to yourself to go left – and every chance you get – do something you love.”

We’ll drink to that.

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