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Building Community by Doing Good

It is almost impossible to believe that the opening of the Ritchie Market (2017) marks the eleventh year of Transcend’s existence. What began as nothing more than Poul Mark’s dream to build community around coffee, has evolved into something that we could never have imagined.

In keeping with one of our core values of Community, and because the Edmonton community has been a part of this extraordinary journey, we decided to establish a community foundation which will support local charities. Free Footie, The Edmonton Food Bank, The Wellspring Centre are just a few of the local charities we support.

If you have local charities you would like us to consider supporting, please let Poul know.

Poul's Philosophy on Aid

Over the last decade, Poul has travelled to many coffee growing countries. The painful reality of the world of coffee is that while there are exceptions, most of the people that grow coffee are among the poorest in the world. Many poor farmers who often live in these countries have become dependent on aid. While Transcend is often asked to support global aid initiatives, for the most part we politely decline. Transcend believes that the best way to stimulate these economies, is to ensure that the prices that we pay for green coffee are fostering real economic sustainability. This allows farmers to pay their employees a living wage and invest in their businesses and communities for growth. Despite good intentions, aid can undermine this economic growth in developing countries.

One of the videos that Poul often refers to in conversations about international aid is a TED talk by Ernesto Sirolli (video below) which is both entertaining and informative concerning the impact of foreign global aid.

Gift Boxes

Transcend Gift Boxes

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