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A Thank-you from Poul

Posted by Poul Mark on

It’s hard to believe that two weeks has gone by since Transcend Ritchie opened. Three years ago, when Greg and I started talking about this idea, we were pretty sure that the Ritchie community was a good pick. But the love and support we’ve seen on Social Media, in the press, and from you personally in the cafe, has been overwhelming. So from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of all the Transcend Staff, we thank you.

There’s much more to come. Our new Roaster (after an arduous move from overseas and, more recently, the back of a truck) has been assembled in our front room and it will soon be fully operational. We’ve also had our most recent coffee tasting in the education space upstairs and there are more to come!

Keep following us on InstagramTwitterFacebook and of course our website for more information and updates.

And again. Thank you Edmonton. You have humbled us.


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