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The Growers

Honest. Authentic. Responsible.

The relationships Transcend builds and nurtures with their family of growers is at the heart who Transcend is. Honest, authentic, real connections with growers who have become friends.

It started with seeking out a better way to grow coffee and continues with a lifetime of journeys and stories. Without them, there would be no Transcend.

Jaime Cardeñas Rojas

Jaime Cardeñas Rojas
Sin Limites, Costa Rica

Translated to “without limits” in English, Sin Limites is owned and operated by Jaime Cardenas. You could say he married into coffee. His wife, Maribel, and her siblings are part of the Barrantes family, whose coffees are known worldwide.

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Ricardo Perez Barrantes

Ricardo Perez Barrantes
Santa Lucia, Costa Rica

In the lush mountains of Costa Rica, Ricardo Perez and his daughter Mariana work tirelessly on the family farm in an effort to produce the finest quality of coffee bean. Together, they’re constantly trying to find ways to improve the flavour of their coffee.

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