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Ritchie Market

The Idea

In 2014, Poul Mark and Greg Zeschuck had an idea: open a community hub in the heart of the Ritchie neighbourhood in Edmonton. It would not only be a place where people can shop, but would bring back the production of goods into the neighbourhood, like it had done in the past. In 2017 Ritchie Market opened at the corner of 76th Avenue and 96th Street housing not only Transcend’s cafe, but it’s roastery, Creekside Cyclery and long-time Ritchie business ACME Meats. Later in 2017, Greg will open his family-oriented brew pub, Biera and his brewery Blind Enthusiasm, bringing the production of great beer and great food with it.


The Space

Ritchie Market’s open concept - a space shared by all the businesses - is designed around transparency: visitors can their coffee being roasted, their meat being cut, their beer being brewed and can even see into the kitchen of Biera. Upstairs from the cafe is Transcend’s new education space for the courses we offer, a lab for cupping our roasts and a room all five businesses can use to hold events.


The Businesses



Creekside Cyclery is owned and operated by Calvin Berube, owner of Giant Bicycles Edmonton. With it’s close location to not only Mill Creek Ravine, but all of Edmonton’s riverside parks, it made sense to have a bike shop in Ritchie Market. Whether you are a serious year-round cyclist, or a family doing leisurely trips, Creekside has not only the equipment, but the rentals, you need. Get a coffee to start your trip, visit Creekside to gear up, and then hit the nearby brewery on your return - it makes sense to use Ritchie Market as your hub when putting your bikes to the trails.



ACME Meats has been Ritchie’s neighbourhood butcher shop since 1921. The shop was owned by the Pheasy and Eldridge families for 87 years until 2008 when current owner (and then employee) Corey Meyer took over the business. The people of Edmonton have been flocking to ACME’s 95th and 76th street location for almost 30 years, but in 2017 they moved across the street to join Transcend, Creekside Cyclery, Biera and Blind Enthusiasm Brewery in creating the Ritchie Market. Corey and his talented staff will answer any questions you might have. It’s been a delight to have them within shouting distance.



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!


The People

Laura Cunningham-Shpeley

Laura Cunningham-Shpeley,
Ritchie Community League President

Laura Cunningham-Shpeley is the tireless president of the Ritchie Community League.

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Ramon Miranda

Ramon Miranda,
color de vino wine expert

Ramon Miranda’s life is centered on wine.

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