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Doing good in our community.

It is almost impossible to believe that this summer (2016) will mark the tenth year of Transcend’s existence. What began as nothing more than a dream to build community around the beloved black beverage, has evolved into something that could never have been imagined. You are all part of this extraordinary journey into the world of coffee.

Transcend has never been a very flashy company, nor one to do the “Rah-rah” thing. Celebrating our tenth year is no different. So to mark this momentous occasion, the challenge was to come up with something that wasn’t simply a coffee give-away event, or for that matter, some lavish party.

In keeping with our core values, we have decided to establish a community foundation, which will support local charities on an annual basis (such as Free Footie, The Edmonton Food Bank, The Wellness Centre, to name a few). During the month of July, Transcend will allocated $0.25 per drink sold to the Transcend Community Foundation, which will in turn disperse those funds to local initiatives the foundation board will choose. If you have any ideas about which local charities to support, let Poul know.

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